Friday, August 28, 2009

Family Photography??

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I've got the photography bug somethin' fierce this week. Can you tell??

When I was making Ryan's tiny little photo album for his trip to Reno, it became glaringly obvious that we really don't have any pictures of the three of us together.

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I wish this photo could convey Camden's laughter as Ryan
flipped him over. He was purely delighted!

So, what's a girl to do? Rush off to the nearest photographer? Oh, no, no... I think not. Instead, I broke out the tripod and spent thirty minutes dashing between the camera and my 'mark.' I learned a few things while we were out:

1. I need a remote-thingy for my camera.
2. It's much more difficult to get baby to smile and look at the camera when you're not behind said camera.
3. Tripods rock.
4. It was h.o.t. out yesterday!

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Because I wouldn't want to overwhelm, I limited myself to posting three pictures. What do you think? Should I scrap the tripod and fork over the cold, hard cash? or would practice make... well... would it do?


the Provident Woman said...

I absolutely love the picture with them kissing holding the kiddo upside down. How cute!

Shara said...

I've thought that one of the remotes would be might nice to have myself actually. Not only would it be good in that situation, but also when you're trying to take a close up without moving the camera AT ALL. I love them, though! They're great. :) Certainly no need to hire someone to do what you're clearly capable of doing yourself.

Margaret said...

Following from MBC!

Becca said...

Christina--I think that having a photographer would be pointless because these pictures are PERFECT! Get yourself a remote instead. I love it!!!!

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