Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tokyo Yuck-Yuck

Not long ago, I mentioned World Baby Foods and the desire to try them out with Camden. I searched high, I searched low... and I found them!

I only wish I had better to report. So far, we haven't had a very agreeable baby.

First, we tried Tokyo Tum Tum; an edamame concoction. It was quite tart--to the point that Camden gagged (ew--hate that word!) several times and wound up with his dinner all down the front of him.

Second, we tried Que Pasa Calabasa. For those who don't know, calabasa is Spanish for squash. This one smelled a lot more appetizing, but Camden still wasn't a fan.

When bravery sets in, I'll let him sample another variety. So far, though? I'm pretty disappointed! ...and they're not exactly cheap, either.

Has anyone else tried World Baby Foods? What were your results?


Beka's Blog said...

Haven't tried them. But Landon isn't a big fan of the jarred foods at all. He would rather eat off my plate. Money saving! I just cut up tiny little pieces for him. Takes him longer to eat but it also forces me to eat healthier! :)

Christina said...

Yea--Camden's favorites are 'adult' foods as well. I always try to offer him some baby food during the day because then I *know* he's getting fruits/veggies, but I also let him try whatever he seems interested in. So long as it's safe for him to eat, that is.

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