Saturday, June 20, 2009

World Baby Foods

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I discovered something the other day, thanks to a special 'parenting' show on one of our local stations. The only problem is the foods aren't sold locally yet, so I'll have to drive about an hour north to get my hands on a few jars.

Have you guys heard of this stuff?? Baby foods that come in flavors like 'Baby Borscht' and 'Tokyo Tum Tum' sound like such a treat compared to, well, strained peas. and prunes.

I'm curious, has anyone tried these? What did you think? ...or, since the majority of you likely haven't ever heard of the brand, what do you think of the concept? You can read more about the idea (and flavors!) on their site.

...and don't forget, enter to win two packages of Boogie Wipes!

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