Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh, the cuteness!

Camden has been perfecting his newest 'trick' over the last couple of days, and he was finally ready to show off for the camera this afternoon.

I guess, being a still photo, you can't *really* see what is happening. But trust me, he's waving at you. I'll work on a video, because it's worth it.

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Don't you just want to wave back?
I know I do!!

It's been a rough day around here, with a case of the baby barfies and some major teething pain, but Camden and daddy are asleep and I'm taking full advantage of the time.

See that new set of buttons at the top?? Feel free to check them out! If you've got a suggestion, concern, question... whatever... please let me know!

I hope you're enjoying the remodel so far. How am I doing? Is this a bit easier on the eyes, with the white background? I really do thrive on your opinion... so feel free to share.


RaT Babies said...

Yes I want to wave back to him!
He is looker even cuter than normal in that photo too! Must be the cheeky little grin or something!

Hi Camden!!! \o (Thats me waving)

Becca said...

Awesome picture of Camden, Christina! Your photography skills are getting ever better...

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