Thursday, July 23, 2009

Choose your battles, Tyson...

We had a bit of a tiff this morning. Tears were shed, mommy feels bad... what's up with that mommy guilt, anyway?? ...and there was a definite winner. In a 'you just won yourself a kick in the bum!' kind of way.

The contenders?

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It wasn't pretty. I turned my back for a second--literally, a second! ...and little man was in tears. Tyson's CLAW was STUCK in Camden's forehead! Who does that??

Stupid cat.

I ran over and scooped Camden up, but not before telling Mr. Meanie Pants just how meanie pants he is.

Don't worry though--there wasn't even any blood, and I got him all cleaned up and de-germified.

That cat, however. He's in t.r.o.u.b.l.e. and he knows it. He's currently under the bed and having visions of a major nail trim. He's lucky he's isn't already en route to the vet--er, day spa... for a a luxury claw-removal... I mean. Pedicure.

...and we won't mention the reasoning behind Tyson's less-than-tactful approach.


Maggie said...

oh no! he's not declawed? oh my goodness i love my cats so much but i was at the vet dropping them off as soon as they were old enough to have their toes snipped off. cat scratches are the worst!

Anonymous said...

Christina said...


Ok, Mr. (or Mrs.) Anonymous... I'll leave your comment up there just because I think it's so darned funny.

In an attempt to avoid drama, let's just say whether or not to leave your kitty's claws in tact is a personal decision that should be made based on what is appropriate for your OWN family, hmm?

Christina said...


I was only referring to my anonymous commenter, and not you, Maggie!

Your comment gave me a good giggle, actually :o)

Chelsi said...

I trim my cats claws? I can definitely say I'm on the side of not de-clawing, not to be argumentative or anything! I just don't want my nails ripped out of my fingers and toes so I won't do it ti them! But, I'll rear my head and tell you that to your face...err blog? Not anonymously! LOL!

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