Thursday, June 18, 2009

Angel Baby Bottom Balm

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Have you noticed the rashy spots on my little munchkin's cheeks?? I'm 99.9% sure his incessant drooling is to blame.

Regardless of the cause, those bumpy, red spots can't feel very good. He squirms a bit more than usual when I wash his face these days. I feel badly about it, too. A lanolin-based cream just hasn't done the trick, either.

So I went in search of a solution, and this is what I chose:

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A friend suggested two products, this one and another, and I chose the Bottom Balm (it's not just for bums! I promise.) because I liked the package better. Ha! Is that so... me, or what?

It's all natural too, so I feel better about putting it right up by his mouth... it wasn't cheap, but I'm willing to fork over the cash when it's for my little booger.

I'll let you know how it works!

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natsirt said...

My father's day plans: Study for the bar.

(Please post more often so that I have as easier time procrastinating. Thank you.)

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