Thursday, June 25, 2009

False Alarm!

After a lengthy bout of tears and swatting at his ear, I decided it was time to get Camden in for a visit to the pediatrician to rule out an ear infection.

Oh, did he ever cry yesterday. He didn't want to lay down, Oragel didn't do the trick, and a dose of Tylenol really didn't work its magic.

So we packed ourselves up and headed to town. Of course, he fell asleep in the car on the way there, leaving me to choose one of two options upon arrival:

Carry my twenty pound kiddo, in his bucket, plus the diaper bag, to the second-floor pediatric unit; or wake him up. What do you think I chose??

We made it just in time to check in, where I dutifully paid my $15 to the receptionist. And then we waited. And waited.

We waited some more after being placed in a room. Forty seven minutes, to be exact, with an undressed, squirming, agitated baby in a *very* hot doctor's office. Yes, I was counting. I was also sweating. I mean... glistening.

Dr. S swooshed in after those forty seven long minutes, where she peeked in his ears and looked at his teeth.

"Nope--no ear infection. It's just his teeth. His top two teeth are right there." She remarked, indicating they're lying just below the surface of his gum.

I figured as much. He was acting a lot more like himself once we got there, so naturally, nothing was wrong, right?

She got up to leave, showing the same haste she had at arrival.

"Oh... and he's orange."

I caught her before she walked out the door. "He's what??"

"Orange. He must like sweet potatoes and squash, hmm? It's the beta carotene. It's good for him!"

And with that, she was gone.

I paid $15 yesterday to be told my baby is orange. And in case you're wondering? He's still swatting at his ear.

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Anonymous said...

My brother was an orange baby too. He only liked the baby carrots! Too funny.

- carly

natsirt said...

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Jene' Cortez said...

wait....they turn colors??

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