Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Apparently there's a wee bit of confusion goin' on 'round here...

A couple of months ago, Ryan was pursuing a new career, and that career path would have made it necessary for me to lock down Peanut's Page. So we took all of the necessary steps... including collecting all of your e-mail addresses and what-not... and then, during the interviewing/testing/interrogation process, Ryan decided that particular career path just wasn't the right fit. Just kidding on the interrogation part. Kind of.

So, mere days after 'going private,' I got to unlock my blog again... so that I may continue to torture the WORLD with my random banter.

I could have sworn I let y'all (there I go again with the y'all business...) know about the change back to 'normal,' but then again, my neurons are firing to the beat of their own drum these days.

Those of you who didn't think you could post about the giveaway, in actuality, CAN post about it!! So go, quick! Spread the word and earn yourself another giveaway entry!! Remember, you've got until Friday...

1 comment:

indigoghost said...

I recall a post announcing the return to public... which is amazing, considering how bad my prego brain has gotten.
So how are you guys? I wish we could have hung out more. I'm kinda missing WA... I'll think "I wanna go do such-and-such" then remember I'm not in Lacey anymore. lol

Also, the weather here has been all stormy and tornado-y since I got back... I totally miss the calm showers, even if it was an almost every day thing.

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