Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring (yea right. spring. huh.) Spruce-Up

Does it look a little different around here?? Come on in--same old place! One thing after another, I wound up with a little bit of a Spring Re-Do. Like it?

...take a look around! Because I've got new stuff! Thanks to Becca, I've got a fabulous new background-template-thingy. (She's currently posting, piece by piece, the story of how her and her husband came to be... well... husband and wife! You should go read it.)

Anyway, other new things--that button over there to the right. See it? With Camden's picture? It's yours for the taking! Just copy the html code and paste it into an "html/javascript" gadget on your sidebar.

I also finally opened up a flickr account, just so I could have a nifty little display of pictures. (Also on the right... scroll down a bit, see it?) I'll try to update it regularly with some of my new favorites or experiments.

Hmm... oh! Under my header (the big picture at the top), you might see a link to my e-mail address. I'm *so* ready to host a giveaway, but now I need something to give away! If you'd like to sponsor such an event, contact me and we can talk about some free advertising or something... maybe you'd just like to see your name in lights? Have your people call my people. We'll do lunch.

Ok--enough about me. Almost.

Today, we'll be making these. I'm so stinkin' excited! I'll take pictures. Don't worry.

Really. Enough about me. What are YOU doing today?


Kelly said...

seriously...that header is SOOOOOOOO cute!!!!

The Naipo's (Jennifer, Noah, and Kealani) said...

question... how do you put a header on there with camden's pic? i would like to have kealani at the top of our page?? =) you blogger GU-RU! hehe. =)

Christina said...

Jenn--I'll send you mail in the next couple of days. The header is moderately complicated. Too complicated for a comment, anyway.

...and thanks, Kelly! :o)

Becca said...

I love it. But you already knew that. ;)

Chelsi said...

Gotta love a baby in a basket... And the fancy background is certainly nice too!

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