Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Death of my Trusty Itzbeen...

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If you know me "in real life," you probably know that I'm a little bit in love with my Itzbeen. Ok, fine, I sort of live and die by what the Itzbeen says. I've got major mommy brain, and I blame that for my unnatural compulsion. It's just so... organized! and cute! and I don't have to think! Anyway...

The other day, one of the buttons went a little haywire but I could still use little Itzy... until yesterday. I changed Camden's diaper and went to push the button and the button wouldn't push. I panicked. We're talking about a nervous breakdown here, people. Because if I can't PUSH a button that says when I last changed the baby, or when he last ate, how will I know when to do these things AGAIN? and no, I'm not truly this stupid, but a constant time keeper really does help when the neurons just aren't firing like they used to!

So we hopped in the car after nap time, little Itzy in tow, and headed north to Tacoma... the location of the nearest Babies'R'Us. Thank goodness, they were willing to exchange little Itzy for a new Itzbeen. All I had to do was go and grab one from the shelf. and then all hell broke loose.

First of all, I maintain that the BRU employees are unnaturally stupid. Seriously. I've not had a successful, pleasant shopping trip to their store in ages. That's another post for another day, though, so let's just leave it with the fact that there wasn't a single Itzbeen to be found. By anyone. Believe me when I say I recruited *many* helpers.

Somehow, while I was searching the store, my Itzy magically turned into a merchandise credit for a future purchase, which is so not what I wanted (idiots) because now I don't have an Itzbeen to my name. and I feel lost. and yea, that's probably pathetic.

...and they took my batteries too. grr.


Miss V said...

Hopefully they'll get some in stock soon! What cool things does it do?

Kelly said...

Sorry, I must not know because I'm not a mom, but what is this little gadget?

Also, because I have a snow day tomorrow, I'm dedicating it to becoming a coupon queenie! I may be emailing for your help!


Chelsi said...

Oh Boy... LOL

Christina said...

Ohh! Itzbeen's are fabulous!

There are four buttons, each one associated with its own time on the digital display. The buttons have a picture on them (a diaper, bottle, zZz, and an asterisk) and you push the correct button when you, say, change a diaper or feed the baby. The Z's are for naps/wake time, and the asterisk is for anything else--like medication for baby or mommy.

I thought it was sort of silly when my mom gave it to me, but cool at the same time. It took me a while to start using it, but when I did, I was instantly a fan.

With a new baby comes a TON of new stuff to remember. You're tired and overwhelmed, and simple tasks, like keeping tabs on how long baby has gone without a diaper change, can feel pretty overwhelming.

It didn't take long to form the button-pushing habit, and now I'm hooked! It just helps to have a visual reminder throughout the day, ya know? (and now that we're sleep training, I just push the nap button and don't have to clock-watch to see how long he's been asleep, etc.)

Other features... a back-light for the display, a small light for checking on baby or navigating a dark room, and an alarm function--to remind to, for example, to give another medicine dose.

Seriously, it sounds so, um... unnecessary? (and it is...) but I love mine!

indigoghost said...

Nah, Kelly, I'm about to be a second time mom and had no idea about these things, either! Now that I do, I want one! lol I'm horrible at keeping up with all that timing stuff.


dina226 said...

I love my Itzbeen! I am totally hooked on using it and would become lost if it died. :)

Jessica said...

OMG! I had to laugh out loud! I have never heard of that device before!! It probably would have come in handy when Eli & Chase were newborns. I remember always trying to remember when I fed them last, changed them, etc. Nice!! :)

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