Saturday, December 6, 2008

Speechless Saturday?

It's not Wednesday... so I can't do Wordless... so how about speechless? I've got no energy to post, but I've got another picture. Are you tired of them yet?

Little Old Man gets his first bath at home...

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Anonymous said...

He is just a little peanut and you both look so cute!


RaT Babies said... adorable...TAG, you're it

See our blog for details

Swampgirl said...

Will never get tired of looking at that sweet little thing!!!!!!! Keep the pictures coming -no words are needed to see the happiness in your face!

Kelly said...

You and Camden look GREAT!

mgsprincess said...

Awww You look so Happy!!! Your friends right, you candef. see the happiness radiate from your face! He's a handsome little guy!!!

Miss V said... two are so cute! I'm so happy for you!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness...he's SOOO tiny!!! I bet you are enjoying him SOO much...hopefully he's letting you sleep some! :)

Lainey-Paney said...

OH my goodness! He DOES look like a little old man!
Our son, Gage...he did too when he was born. I remember telling my mom that again & again; "he has old man hands"; "he looks like a tiny old man!"

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