Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trying something new tonight...

Overnight cooking? Hmm... surely this sounds like something I might enjoy!

I read a blog called A Year of CrockPotting, and I just love some of the stuff she comes up with. I also love that she reviews each recipe--because for some reason (call me crazy!) a recipe without a review makes me nervous.

Anyway, she has everything broken down by category, if you so choose to search her blog that way, and I discovered the other day that there are a few breakfast recipes that can be made overnight! yay! This will work out perfectly for us, as Ryan gets up ever-so-early on Friday mornings for work, and I'm just not competent at that time of morning.

So tomorrow we will try Overnight Breakfast Potatoes with Sausage.

I wonder how early the yummy smell of breakfast will wake me up? I wonder if we can remember to set the coffee maker ahead too--leaving us with a perfectly orchestrated and ready-to-eat early morning breakfast? I wonder if Ryan will wake to find his very pregnant wife in the corner with a fork and the crockpot, noshing on potatoes at three AM?

Only time will tell!! I'll report back in the morning.

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Laura said...

So how'd your breakfast turn out? I thought of you this morning while I was making Anthony and I breakfast. I haven't made anything from the "Year of Crockpotting" site yet, but I do look at it occasionally. She makes everything gluten free which is perfect for us because I can't eat any gluten. I'm curious what you though... have you tried any of her other stuff?

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