Friday, November 21, 2008


Ok... so perhaps the gapartment isn't the best place to use the crockpot over night. Or should I at least say, not MY particular crockpot?? The lid builds up condensation and then it makes a hideous ker-plunk-a-thunk-a-wunk sound. NOT good... and even less 'good' at two AM!

Anyway, the potatoes and sausage, despite their sound effects, were yummy!! Ryan was so pleased to have something other than cereal to eat in the morning, and I was equally pleased at how quietly he fished a plate from the cupboard and gobbled up his breakfast.

We switched the crockpot over to the 'warm' setting and let it be for an extra hour while I tried to get some more sleep. My results probably weren't *as* good as Ryan's--the potatoes in the bottom of the mixture were a bit soggy, but I just avoided those and all was well in the world.

So overall? Yay! Success!

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