Friday, October 10, 2008

Have I missed something?

Why do things happen when they do? Everything happens for a reason, right? So is someone trying to tell me something? What have I missed?

That weird doctor's appointment the other day--the 'urgent' one? It lead to a very odd phone call just yesterday from a nurse with whom I'm not familiar. She referenced "my infection" as though I should know what she was talking about... imagine my surprise, as I was under the impression that nothing was wrong?

Anyway, we got it all sorted out... but I guess there's a bit of an infection brewing, ahem, *down there* that I wasn't yet aware of... so a seven-day treatment should clear that little issue up. I wonder if that's what's causing this pain? I didn't have my wits about me to think to ASK the ever-so-confusing nurse...

Truth be told, I was already entering into a completely different tailspin of my own. That variety of infection was one of the first indicators that something had gone terribly wrong with my first pregnancy... I know it's probably silly, but I can't HELP but think back to those November days--and to wonder just what sort of path I'm about to venture down this time around.

Yesterday at Target, I could have sworn there was a lady FOLLOWING me around talking to her son. I only noticed because his name was Brody, and she started or ended nearly every sentence by saying his name... today, I hear the name again, see it written... it's like I can't escape.

I realize we chose a popular, up-and-coming name for our sweet boy... but why does it come in shifts like this? Why does it come as I'm approaching this daunting time of year? Why does it seem to arrive on the wings of nerve-wracking (for me, anyway) medical situations? Why?

How do I escape?

(P.S., I should note, I'm well aware that I KNOW a couple of you with Brody's of your own, and that is OK--I don't want to discourage you from sharing things about your Brody's with me, don't want to make you feel badly... it's not that... it's just... weird... how things like the Target situation seem to come about.)


A said...

I will pray that all continues to go well with your pregnancy and the little one...I can understand your worries, though. Just try to stay positive and know that you will have your sweet little baby soon!

Christina said...

That is very kind of you... thank you! :o)

The Naipo's (Jennifer, Noah, and Kealani) said...

I can only imagine your feelings that you've shared. To TRY to help you feel better (as if that's possible when I've never been in your shoes "that" way) I too had "that" type of an infection in my pregnancy and it was gone before those 7 days were up -- it's quite common I'm told. And yes it does cause pain so hopefully it will go away very quickly for you. I think about you often!!! :)

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