Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Coupon (mis)adventures...

I know there's probably at least one of you out there who can relate to this... made me laugh!

I went to Rite-Aid today because I'm still working on our "surplus" of toiletries and things and shampoo and conditioner were Buy One, Get One Free. I ALSO had a manufacturers coupon, Buy One, Get One Free for the same product.

So, it should have gone like this... cashier rings in TWO bottles, one is automatically free b/c of the sale, and then rings in the coupon and because I HAVE "purchased" two of the specific item, the second on is free as well. No big deal, right? (Note: I also bought a couple of other things so I didn't walk out without paying anything... they don't like that.)

Instead, it went like this... cashier rings in the items, coupon isn't agreeing with their system... cashier calls assistant manager, and we then realize I've got a slightly wrong item (shiny instead of volume shampoo, that kind of thing, stupid--but my fault, easy fix) so we fix that and it still won't work... assistant manager calls store manager, so they're all huddled around the register, and store manager decides to "accuse" me of "trying to get free stuff." (Um, yea? So? That's how I can afford to be a SAHM!) I politely explained that this has never been an issue before, and it shouldn't really matter because they'll be reimbursed by the manufacturer anyway. Voices were raised (not mine!) and Mr. Manager Man was CLEARLY getting grumpy... so I said (with a big smile), "well, if it'll be an issue then I'll take a refund and my coupons back please. Walgreen's is offering the same promotion this week, and I know it won't be a problem there."

The manager muttered something like, "just give it to her" under his breath and walked away.

How rude! But like I said, it made me laugh... people get so worked up over the silliest things.


Sarah said...

First off, I'm totally inspired by your deal-searching! Could you do that for me? You could seriously get paid to do this. Though I guess that would even out the money we're saving. Well anywho.
Secondly, that was a hilarious story. I can totally see you with your big blue eyes sweetly telling them that you can go to another store to get the same deal. Awesome!

Swampgirl said...

Good job! I have used my "innocent,used to be blonde, look" several times when I tried a coupon I was not sure about. You win a few and lose a few. I'll try your line next time!

Lynna said...

Well said.

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