Thursday, May 15, 2008

EDD and a Cherry Tree...

Yesterday was an important day in our house. It was Brody's EDD (Estimated Due Date). I wondered, leading up to yesterday, how I would feel... and I've got to say that I really surprised myself.

I don't know why, really, but yesterday was a nice day. Sure, I thought about the "what-ifs" a few times, I wondered what it would be like if we were welcoming a baby into our home any day now. But I also had a good time with Ryan.

We planted our veggie garden... all of it. A lot of the stuff was an "insta-garden," meaning we bought tomato plants as opposed to planting seeds, etc., etc. and I'm fine with that. It was just easier that way for our first gardening experiment, and it looks pretty impressive already! I am waiting on some seeds to sprout though... beans, carrots, swiss chard, spinach, butternut squash and cucumber.

We also ventured out to Lowe's, where we fell in love with a Yoshino Cherry Tree. We brought it home and planted it in the front yard in honor of our sweet little angel.

So... it was a nice day, but I'm also relieved that it has passed. I was nervous about what to expect, how I would feel, you get the idea.

P.S.--I've got some pictures of the garden... I'll post them later.


Maggie said...

You did way better than I did when my due date came around. I love it that you planted a tree- that is so special. and yay for veggies! please post your progress on your first veggie garden- it's going to rock! :)

Swampgirl said...

The tree is a wonderful way to honor your son. I can picture you in the future with your children playing in the yard around it!

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