Sunday, April 6, 2008


My mom's best friend has cancer. She is terminal, and she is very near the end of her life.

Judi has been battling cancer since 1994, when she was given her first breast cancer diagnosis. Since then, she has battled breast cancer two times, the second time being now. The cancer could not be eliminated, and it has spread to her lungs, spine, and now her brain.

On Tuesday, she was admitted to the hospital... more than anything, in an effort to make her more comfortable. Today, she began care through our local Hospice program, and she was moved, via ambulance, to her final home. My parent's house.

For years, they have agreed that, should Judi need 'round-the-clock care, she would come to stay with my mom. Judi's daughter is home from California and will be staying with her mom. We're all working together in an attempt to make her as comfortable as possible... nothing more.

Please keep Judi, and her amazing kids, in your thoughts... I know they can use all of the strength they can gather right now.


MikeandJen said...

thinking about ya, C....

thepetersens said...

I'm so sorry about this! It is so hard, and I will keep Judi and all of you in my prayers.

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