Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's!

Like a trooper this morning, I picked out my brightest green shirt to wear to school... mostly so I was 100% positive the little brats (er, I mean... charming students...) wouldn't pinch me. I think my day would have been much better spent in bed, under the covers.

Today was hard. Not long after starting my day, a little girl informed me that her birthday is May 17th. Nice, terrific! Thank you for reminding me of my due date with Brody. Of course, mind you, she didn't know the difference. She also felt compelled to point out to me that May 17th is exactly one day before the anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. Now, call me stupid, but of course I had not put those events together in my mind. Well, they met up today. Thank goodness I spend most of my time looking at Mt. Rainier and not St. Helen's... ugh.

Minutes later, another Paraeducator (that's my job, too) approached me with a seemingly unending book of photos... all of her newborn granddaughter. Yep, pictures from the hospital and all. Mind you, she doesn't know what happened either, but it just hurt, ya know? I don't blame her for being proud of her new family member though.

And, third... in walks yet another Para with Easter Bunny pictures of a cute little baby. She must be around six months old... pink dress, bow on her head, the whole nine yards. I didn't stick around long enough to get the details.

Now, if you are reading this and you're pregnant, or you just had a baby, or whatever... I don't want you to feel like I don't want to see your cute little tots grinning, ear to ear. I do. It's somehow different when it's someone I feel more... connected to. It's also different when I feel like I'm making a CHOICE to look, as opposed to a scrapbook being tossed into my hands, and then watched, anxiously, while I debate even opening the cover.

I guess today is just one of those days...

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Stephanie said...

Sorry you had a rough day, C. I hate it when we feel pain when people around we are so proud of their babies. I agree, its much easier when I ask to see pictures/hear stories, etc than when they are just shoved down my throat.

Have a good (better:)) week!

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