Friday, December 14, 2007

My "ah-ha!" moment...

Call me crazy if you wish...

Just last night I mentioned my strong desire to get into something photography related... well, my "ah-ha!" moment came not long after writing that blog.

For reasons I cannot explain, I've had this intense "voice" in my head (yep! the voices are speaking to me!) telling me to explore the world of photography... something tells me I can make it in that world, and I've had this intense determination to try for over a week now.

Last night, poking around on, I found it! I'm part of a couple of message boards there, one of them being set-up by and for women suffering from miscarriage. I ventured off my normal path, to a new and different miscarriage board, and within seconds came across this link... and was instantly saddened by what I saw, but inspired at the same time.

Visit the link and tell me it's horrible or "weird" if you wish, but this organization is designed to connect photographers with families suffering the loss of their little one. The volunteer photographers list themselves on the site, and when contacted by a family or a hospital staff, they come to the hospital or home of the child and photograph, tastefully, those few precious moments families have with their children. There is no charge to the family, even for re-touched, printed photos.

Now, being so blindsided as we were, Ryan and I didn't even think twice when we said "no" to the option of taking some photos and storing them until we were ready to look at them. Big mistake. We both wish now that we would've had those photos, taken by the hospital staff, tucked away should we ever decide we wanted to take a look. If this service had been presented as an option, I might have felt differently... but I will never know.

What an amazing thing to do... having been there, I feel like I'd be a "good" candidate for the task. I would understand what these families are feeling, and I would understand the heartache.

So that's it. That's why this "be a photographer" voice has been nagging at me so much lately... it's the memory of my little Brody, and a chance to always remember our precious babe.

Now, before I can even consider signing up to help with this organization, I have to become a somewhat accomplished photographer. It may take me 10 years, but that's my goal... getting there will be acknowledgment of my "ah-ha!" moment.

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Sarah said...

That's an awesome idea- I love it!

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