Sunday, December 30, 2007


It's Chrismukkah! Happy Chrismukkah, friends!!

Ok, so maybe only a small handful of those of you reading know what Chrismukkah is... let me tell you how our Chrismukkah came to be.

Three or four years ago, when a beautiful friend, Stacey (I love you very much!), came into my life, my horizons were broadened more than I ever anticipated. Stacey is of Jewish faith, and before meeting her, I had never, for lack of a better term, "had a Jewish friend."

So... long story short... our little circle of friends learned a few things about being Jewish during the holidays, and when everything was said and done, we had decided to celebrate our own little holiday, Chrissmukah! The celebration continues to evolve from year to year... and this has definitely been the best yet!

So, for dinner this evening, we had Matzo Ball Soup, Latkes, and a Ham. After dinner, we all exchanged gifts. Thank you everyone for the fun goodies! Stacey, I'm so excited for a new issue of Real Simple in my mailbox every month! I'll always think of you. After gifts and stuff, Stacey and Jon, and Justin had places to be.... and the remaining guests are here for the night.

As I type this, they're all huddled around the new Wii playing games. They're having a blast! Our bellies are all still very full, but for whatever reason we're munching on gelt (did I spell that right, Stacey?) ...those little chocolate coins.

The Holiday's are still here... one more left! Happy New Year, just around the corner!

Thanks friends... I love you all, and tonight has been a great time.

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