Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is a big one!

Oh, hello!

Were you looking for me?

Somewhere between Christmas, the beginning of a new year, trying to find--and purchase--a home, and occupying a busy toddler, I've been a bit distant.


Buying a home?



We're on the hunt for a house. OUR house. Where we'll be able to paint! and have a garden! and gut the kitchen for a new one if we want to! and pay a MORTGAGE!


That last one isn't so exciting, is it??

But it is exciting. A mortgage payment, for me, will feel far more rewarding than a monthly rent payment. There is no return when you're paying rent. There IS a return when you buy at the bottom of the market, make timely payments, improve your home while you're there... and then one day sell in favor of something different, or a move, or... whatever.

This is a new process for us, but we're finding our way. And I cannot wait for the end--where we'll sign (and sign... and sign...) all those papers and then receive the keys to OUR home.

Are you looking forward to anything BIG in the new year??

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giozi said...

I have a new baby :D

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