Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweet Slumber

I started this post earlier this morning. I wrote, thoughtfully, about Camden and the fact that he's been co-sleeping for nearly two years now. Two years--where has the time gone??

But I deleted what I had written. Because really? I felt as though my words were turning out to sound more like an argument for co-sleeping. And that wasn't the plan.

No--the plan was to share these phots from the other day. I took them with the intention of having several of them printed onto canvas. They'll hang above our bed when they arrive.

Inspired by another photographer, I set this 'scene' in our bedroom before putting Camden to sleep at nap time the other day. I love the simple white and cream combination, and I love that I was able to capture such a busy, active little boy in his most peaceful state.

I'll save the co-sleeping arguments for another day, and just cherish the little boy I wake up smiling at every morning.


LenzLove said...

I love the sweet sleep that little sneak in between their very high energy throughout the day. I watch my twins many nights just quietly {well...loudly} sleeping.
Would loved to have read what you originally wrote. I'm sure it was sweet!

giozi said...

These photos are so tenders and cutes. I love them.

Adirondack Mama said...

Hello there. Found you via ROTH, I am the associate editor.

I have slept with my boy his whole life. He just turned 6 and you are right, there is nothing like it.

Enjoy it. They are only small for so long and one day, when they are ready, they will ask us to leave. Until then, I will snuggle him to sleep and greet him in the morning. Every morning.

Lovely blog.

XO, Julia

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