Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Impressions

So, we're here. As of last Thursday, Spokane is our new home.

I'm not feeling overly poetic today (and if you're wondering why I chose today to come back here, it's because today is the day we finally had our internet service connected), so all I've got for you is a list. Of first impressions.

1. Spokane is cold. Really, really cold.
2. Drivers here are frightening.
3. Don't get me started on parking.
4. Stores are strangely small and not very busy. It's odd.
5. There are *far* too many road-side signs, billboards, etc.

...and because those are all negative, how about some positives?

6. Ryan seems incredibly happy in his new job.
7. Our apartment ROCKS.
8. The sunsets are fantastic!

So there you go. Spokane at a glance.


Sarah said...

Also on the upside, Camden will get to experience a real snow! And when it snows, they do a great job of plowing the roads. Spokane is where I learned to drive in the snow, and I loved it! The city will grow on you. Just stay off Sprague downtown. Trust me on this one. And be sure to take Camden to Manito Park to feed the duckies and if you go to the top of the park there's gorgeous rose garden - though you probably can't enjoy that until spring.

Laura said...

I love that you mentioned the drivers. Spokane drivers are crazy! Red lights seem to be a suggestion... although the red light cameras going in have helped some. And watch out for the pedestrians who will cross the street anywhere at anytime without even looking to see if there's a car. Can't tell you how many people we've almost hit :) You forgot another upside... You live by me!!!

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