Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One of these days...

...I hope to be back in this space, writing and sharing. Because I like it here. I really, really do. Right now, there are some things holding me back. What, exactly, is not important enough to warrant mention right now. But I hope you'll all be here when I return.

In the mean-time (that's one of those phrases that looks funny written down, isn't it?), can I ask for your help?

We're cloth diapering full-time these days, and the budget for our diaper stash is pretty limited. As a result, I'm washing every day and trying to get by with what we have. I'm also trying some other methods to fill our need. My most recent attempt? A photo contest!

One of our favorite brands, FuzziBunz, is hosting a Facebook photo contest. The winner will bring home TWELVE (wow!) new, one-size diapers. I cannot imagine adding twelve new diapers to our little stash. Imaging the possibilities! No more daily laundry! I could go two whole days, maybe three!

Anyway. I'm asking for your help. Camden's photo made it into the top ten. Those photos are currently posted on the FuzziBunz Facebook Page, where fans are voting for their favorite by clicking 'like' on the photo they most adore.

Voting is as simple as:

Logging into Facebook.
Visiting the FuzziBunz Fan Page and becoming a fan.
Visiting the photo of Camden and clicking 'like' under his photo.

Yes--you must be a fan of FuzziBunz in order to vote. Not a cloth diaper fan? That's ok! Just un-like the fan page when the contest is done.

We're currently in third place, and to be honest, I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever pull ahead of those other two photos. But a mama can try, right??

So go on--vote! Please?? :) ...and thank you!

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