Friday, April 16, 2010

Once upone a time... a land far, far away, there lived a...

Oh--forget it.

I disappeared again, didn't I? Life has an uncanny way of getting away from me these days. Sure, I've got stuff to say. But when do I say it?

So, today, I bring you...

My return!

With this:

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The most depressing excuse I've ever seen for a chocolate croissant. It comes from our local 'European' bakery. And it sure does make me long for one of those Europen breakfasts I've craved since the day we flew home from London. You know--almost four years ago.

The coffee. Those croissants (the real ones). Easily, one of my fondest memories of our honeymoon.

I'm serious.


thais. said...

it looks fabulous and I would love to have one (maybe two) with some tea just right now. good to see you back ;) have a good weekend!

Sarah said...

I just had one of these the other day after lunch...I was shocked at what I bit into! Not typical of this bakery, made me sad :(

Christina said...

Honestly, Sarah? I've never been very impressed with their stuff... it's strange to me how oogly-eyed everyone gets at the mention of their name.

Am I really that picky? I don't think I am...

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