Thursday, March 25, 2010

We're on the Move!

I'm here.

We moved. Did you know? No, no. You didn't. Because I didn't tell you. I know, I know, I've kept pretty quiet about our change of surroundings. Don't worry though, I'll give you some peeks around our new space as it begins to come together.

Boxes abound, as do missed bed times and precarious situations for the curious little toddler who now calls this (big!) apartment home.

The apartment? It's on the edge of town in a small non-complex. There are two (two!) bedrooms (bedrooms!) for us to spread ourselves out in... a space for our table... a separate kitchen. Ah, yes, this is going to be good.

We're still moving and settling, but that hasn't kept me from other, more interesting activities.

I photographed two birthday parties almost two weeks ago now, and promise to share some of my favorites here.

Ok--fine. One now, more later:

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This little cutie has some of the most amazing eyes I think I've ever seen. She was exhausted when this picture was taken, but her eyes were still twinkling.

And look! My logo as a watermark! Do you love it? Because I do.

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...and I've been satisfying Camden's new-found love for coloring with some homemade, chunky, hold-able crayons.

More on those in the days to come. They're so quick to make, and so much easier for Camden to hold in his hands.

I've missed this place. Seriously. And I want to come back and be more of a regular. Perhaps once we're a bit more settled? I've sure got a lot to talk about...


Shara said...

I noticed the watermark before I read it and I do like it! Looks appropriate where you placed it. I love the crayons too. I used to melt crayons when I was a kid to make my own. They always ended up huge, though and a total waste. The way you did it is brilliant! Let me in on how you made them. Might just make a set for the nephew and niece.

thais. said...

love your crayons... I've never made any... good luck on the new place!

Branlianne said...

Love the watermark, looks very professional and perfectly placed! congrats on your new place, hope you absolutely LOVE IT!! and the crayons are brilliant! :o)

{:miss v:} said...

I noticed your post on FB and thought, "I didn't know they moved!" haha!

Glad to hear you're in a bigger place! It'll be so much fun for Camden to have his own room all to himself!

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