Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quite possibly...

...the most random post you'll ever see me write.

S'getti Dinner

I'm still here. Just... busy. Let's call it busy.

More on that later. I promise to let you in on my secret eventually.

Every time I log in to my blog lately, there are 'anonymous' comments advertising dirty websites, preparation for the year 2012, or... other junk. What is UP with that? Please ignore them. I do my best to delete that stuff, but don't always find them right away.


This post has absolutely nothing to do with these two photos, but I like them. And if I didn't post the photos, it might be a little difficult to brag about my new lens. It was my birthday gift, along with a new external flash.

New camera goodies make me swoon.

I've got an engagement session coming up on Saturday... check back later next week for some photos!


Shara said...

Uh oh! It's been announced publicly now. I guess we'd better hope for some cooperative weather, etc so we get some good results! Praying for a good hair day!!! :D

giozi said...

Ha ha ha is cute.

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