Thursday, December 10, 2009

Smartie Pants in the Making...

I'm not a big fan of the TV. Sure, there are a couple of shows I thoroughly enjoy watching every week... but we watch them on Hulu when it's convenient for us.

I won't pass judgment on you if you ARE a TV nut, but I just don't care to listen to the constant drone of a turned-on, forgotten-about television.

But in a desperate attempt to get dinner in the crock pot and the dishes washed the other day, I flipped the channel to Nick Jr. for Camden. He was almost instantly engrossed in another riveting episode of Max and Ruby, and I was free to scrub and chop to my hearts content.

When I realized, a few minutes later, that he had become mysteriously quiet (mamas, you all know that feeling, right? baby is quiet... he must be I turned toward the TV. I didn't see him and turned back around the other direction.

You know what I saw?

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He makes me a proud mama, that little boy!! His back was to the TV and there were books, well, everywhere!


Allison said...

That' one smart little boy! I keep my little one away from TV too. Some how he still knows how Elmo and Mickey Mouse are. Not sure how that happened.

Davidbpoa said...

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