Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Signing with Baby

Camden is getting a new (to us) set of chairs for Christmas.

Yes--I know. Christmas isn't happening for another nine days. But he'll never know the difference, right? ...and besides, where in the heck was I going to stash chairs?


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These little cuties came from Etsy. I love them.

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I couldn't *wait* to have Camden try them on for size. They're a bit tall for him yet, so a little assistance was required.

He seemed baffled as to why he was being required to sit on a chair as opposed to the floor. But never mind that.

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A toy to nom on is enough to keep him seated.

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But wait! Where'd the toy go?

This isn't good.

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Wait. What's that he's trying to tell me?

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Ah, yep! There it is again!

Do you know what he's saying?

"All done!!"

The decision to teach him to sign was such a good one. Do you sign with your munchkins?


Melissa said...

How cute! And those chairs are ADORABLE!

Laura said...

YES!!! I think signing with Anthony has been the best thing we've chosen to do for him as parents. He started signing at 6 months, and is still wanting to learn new signs now at 30 months. I completely believe it alleviated a LOT of headache in trying to figure out what he wanted before he could talk. He never had meltdowns and I think it's because he was able to communicate with us so well. We check out Signing Time videos when we're at the library so he's able to learn new signs still. And I love that he will now do a sign and say it Spanish. I've heard people say that teaching signs will delay your child from talking, but if you've heard Anthony, you would definitely change your mind. He started talking very early and communicates extremely well. And he's learning 3 languages! Anyways, you can probably tell I'm pretty passionate about baby sign :) I think it's a must for everyone!!!

PS- LOVE the chairs... the color is so adorable!

MoonNStarMommy said...

I've signed with both Noah and Nathan because of their speech issues and so we naturally do it with Kaedyn ...

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