Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ruffles have r-r-r-ridges!

Remember that commercial?? For potato chips?

I don't think the Ruffles slogan is the same anymore, but I still think of that phrase when I see a bag of chips.


This post has nothing to do with chips. There's a surprise.

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It has everything to do with a couple of has-been shirts, though, that hang in the 'dead zone' of our closet.

A couple of things you should know about me: I'm obsessed with t-shirts. and I'm obsessed with gray and brown clothing.

What do those all add up to?? ...a wardrobe that makes me yaaaawn.

But between the recent refashions and the ruffle tee tutorial over at Homemade by Jill, and the ruffle tank on Samster Mommy, I've been cooking up an idea. I think my plain {gray} tee's might have potential!

J.Crew offers a selection of ruffled tees and tanks, but I think I'll keep my $29.95 and try my DIY version instead.

What do you think? Try it? ...or will I risk looking like a washed-out (washed up??) pinata??


Laura said...

If you hardly wear the shirts anyways, then go for it! What do you have to loose... other than an hour or so :)

Shara said...

I'm with Laura. If they're just closet stuffing it's no big deal if they don't turn out quite right. You'd probably toss them in the good will bag anyway, right?

Anonymous said...

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