Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We all know I've got a major case of ADD when it comes to crafty things, right?

So should it come as any surprise that I've picked up something new? Again?

Of course not.

I like to sew, you see. Living in a one-room abode, however, does not lend itself easily to late-night sewing jags... or to nap time projects.

So I needed something quiet.

Something... relaxing. And happy.

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Enter a new crochet hook, some basic online directions and some pretty yarn. The color says 'aquarium,' and a dreamy color it is.

Surprisingly enough, I'm not half bad, either! I'm just playing around and trying to figure out how not to make a mess right now... but I think I may be hooked!

Yea--that was bad.


Aren't the kitty-tooshies in the background fitting?? I think so.


Veronnica Watson said...

Cute kitties!

Man, I don't think I'd be able to survive nap times without doing something for myself that requires noise! You are much stronger than me!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! ;)

mgsprincess said...

How is it trying to figure out how to crochet from the directions? I've thought about teaching it to myself. Mitchell says I should have his Mom teach me...but I dunno...I'm more ..not sure the word to enter here...nervous when some is teaching me? esp. if its one of those one on one things where they are sitting there watching me..make sense? Just curious if its easyor frustrating!

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