Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spider! Spider! Spiiiiiiiider!

We've all established the fact that I do not care for spiders, yes??

So imagine my horror when, late Saturday evening, I heard a scuttling noise and spied a kitty crouched and ready to pounce. Before she could make her move, I darted over to investigate.

Sure thing. A spider. A really, really big spider.

Undaunted, I did what any rational adult would:

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I trapped the sucker under a glass, propped a flashlight on top so I could SEE that he wasn't going anywhere, took a picture, and then sent Ryan an urgent text message.

He was laughing when he came through the door a few minutes later, but even he cringed at the loud 'pop!' we heard when he squished the beast.

Any bigger, and we might have put a leash on him and named him Jimmy.


Eve said...

Icky, sticky spider... I don't like you either! :)

RaT Babies said...

We have had 2 ginormous spiders here this week ... 1 my husband sprayed with fly spray then forgot to keep watching it and we never saw where it went to die. The second I trapped under a glass, then carefully lifted edge of glass, smothered the thing in fly spray until it looked like the abonimable spider and replaced the glass ... it died kinda quickly and I knew exactly where it was!

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