Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I've got a new hobby...

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...and so does Camden!!

I can't believe how this new push-toy has given him a major dose of confidence. He's the proud owner of two different push-toys, but the other one just isn't... effective. We bought this yesterday, and he's already making great strides (literally!) toward becoming a walker.

Anyway. That's where MY new hobby comes in. I've discovered consignment and second-hand baby stores as a place to find fun, exciting new toys. They're almost always in brand-new condition, and for pennies. That new toy yesterday was $9.

Before he plays with our finds, I bring them home and give them a good scrub with the Clorox Wipes because you just never know what might be lurking... but I love the fact that, because things aren't packaged up in boxes and plastic, he can test them out before we leave the store. This way, I'm more confident that he's going to like what we buy.

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I've got a feeling I'm going to be chasing after that cute little tooshie in the weeks to come...


Tris-star said...

He is too cute!! That is a great idea about consignment store shopping, I wish I'd thought about it when my daughter was a baby.

I usually don't have to buy my daughter any clothes or toys because she has such wonderful Grandparents that take care of it for me!

RaT Babies said...

We have that exact walker at work and the kids LOVE it!

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