Thursday, October 8, 2009


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I've said a lot about him lately... but he's been on my mind. I know, I know, when is he not?? But truly--more now than the usual. I'm not sure what it is.

Every day, there is something new. Standing unassisted, attempting to walk... and I catch a glimpse of him sometimes, and he isn't my tiny baby anymore. Yes--he's still a baby, he stills falls into the category, but where have the chubby cheeks gone? and the gummy, toothless smile? Those cheeks have made way for what I can now identify as his 'little boy' face... and where there was once only a pink, smooth surface, I can spot six teeth.

He is social. He is intelligent. He's opinionated--and doesn't hesitate to let me know about it! When he is excited, he grins and claps. If he doesn't like his meal, he shakes his head no and waves bye-bye.

We're starting to consider what his first birthday will be like. Gifts, certainly, but understated. A party, yes... but nothing big or overdone. We'll save those for the future.

Mama's... tell me. What should I skip? What's a fun, memorable way to celebrate? Do you wish you had done something differently... or treasure the memories of that day?


Eve said...

They do get so big, so fast, don't they..... I'm thinking you need to capture his "littleness" in some way - Maybe go to a paint your own pottery place and have his hands painted and then stamped on a plate? Or I have seen tiles at our local place - you could do 1 tile every birthday and then think of something special down the road when you have a collection of them? The party and cake and presents are fun but you are right - no need to go overboard!

Dayna said...

They do grow up before you even blink! I have a two year old and I have had a really hard time the last couple weeks with him growing up. Of course, I want him to grow and become independent, but I also want to hold that precious little soul again. It's such a blessing!

Love him. Hug him. Kiss him. That's the best birthday gift!!

Allison said...

We had 2 small parties for both sides of the family. And our own family dinner/cake on the day of. But beware, my kiddo's birthday had a strange effect on me. It made me sad. And it made me feel important. I made the little kiddo after all.

Enjoy his bi day!

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