Friday, September 25, 2009

...and then I got sick.

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We just can't catch a break this week! Camden came down with a nasty bug mere hours before boarding our first flight home, and then promptly shared it with the *entire* family.

I was the first time catch it from him, naturally, and I'm finally starting to feel human again, but our week has consisted mostly of napping. and tissues. lots and lots of tissues.

Does anyone have a quick, efficient method for de-germifying all of these darned toys??


Sarah said...

Soak them in water with a little bit of bleach (I want to say a tablespoon per gallon but just look it up)and then let them air dry. That's what we do at our school. Should do the trick. :)

Kelly said...

Clorox Anywhere spray is the best if you don't have time to soak everything! Hope you feel better soon!

Christina said...

Ok--since you brought up the Clorox spray, Kelly.

Is it ok for him to nom on the toys again after the stuff dries??

I guess the same question applies to soaking the toys in bleach. I don't have to rinse them after?

Bleach freaks me out. Isn't that weird?

Laura said...

I asked my mom what the protocol is for the learning center... it's 1/8 tsp bleach for 16 oz water, which she said is 1 tsp per gallon then. She said soak them for 2 mins, rinse them off, and they're good to go.

Good Luck! I'm so glad Anthony's past the stage of putting things in his mouth... it's a pain to disinfect all the toys!

Hope everyone's feeling better!!!

Laura said...

Hey... I just remembered that I used to boil some of Anthony's toys to sanitize them like I would with baby bottles. Of course you can't do this with all toys, but it's a bleach free option.

Allison said...

A big bucket of water and bleach! Soak everything for a few minutes, then it's as good as new.

Maggie said...

have you tried vinegar and water in a spray bottle? i use vinegar for everything. :)

Christina said...

Ooooh! Hadn't thought to use vinegar.

I always want to give vinegar a try, but then I never actually do.

We went with the Clorox Anywhere spray this time, mostly because that's what was under the kitchen sink.

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