Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So... now what?

I hear a few of you, out there. You're wondering about the button, yes? You grabbed it, pasted it to your blog, and now you're wondering what those extra benefits are all about?

How about this:

If you've got my button on your site, you've landed FIVE bonus entries! They're yours to use however you choose over the course of the week.

You might like to put all of your proverbial eggs in one basket and increase your odds of winning your favorite prize. You might like to divide them up between two prizes... or even enter your name again on five different prizes.

How do I claim my bonus entries?

Leave a comment on THIS post directing me to your blog so that I can see where you've added the button. After you've commented here, and ONLY after you've commented here (please), leave an additional comment on your favorite prize(s) for each extra entry. This means you should wind up with FIVE additional comments by the end of the week.

Your comments might look something like this:

"Bonus Entry #1; I really, really want this pair of earrings!"

(oooh! another hint! earrings? did she say earrings?)

"Bonus Entry #2; this pillow would look perfect on my sofa!!"

(did she just say pillow??)

...and so on, and so forth. Your effort to make it evident that you are using a BONUS entry will help me tremendously as I attempt to moderate comments.

You do not have to use your comments until the end of the week, in case you're holding out to see what else I've got hidden up my sleeve. You can still grab the button if you haven't already. It's over on my right sidebar. Directions for 'button grabbing' can be found in my quick and easy tutorial.

If you aren't a blogger, and still want a chance at five bonus entries, send me an e-mail and we'll talk. Please, no double-dipping. If you've got the button on your blog, don't ask to earn a second set of five bonus entries.


The Mama said...

I have your button!!! :)

Jackie said...

i have your button

Laura said...

Thanks to your great tutorial, I have your button! (Accidentally deleted my background in the process though... opps!)

MikeandJen said...

check check.. i have your button!

Beka's Blog said...

I have your button!

Laura said...

hey what's the cut-off time on Monday? We're out of town thurs to sun and I want to make sure I get my bonus entries in on time :)

Christina Weedon said...

LOL! You guys are so cute...

Laura, I was originally planning to cut entries early Monday morning, but I think I'll stretch it to the evening.

Once we're home from the airport, I'll have Ryan help me draw the winners.

By help, I mean be an audience. Because I *need* someone to share my excitement with!

So, check in on Monday, and you should be covered :o)

The Demille's said...

I have your button

Luv to Save said...

I have both your button at

Tori said...

I have your button ... only because I REALLY want that bracelet! ;)

Celeste said...

I've got your button!

(It's on the right-hand side under the "Shop" header)

Ashley said...

I have ur button!
love this week of giveaways!!!

Becca said...

I've been sportin' your button all week. :) You know where to find me.

Jessica said...

I have your button

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