Friday, July 10, 2009

Sittin' Pretty...

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I discovered this highchair in an antique shop a couple of weeks ago. Completely thrilled over my find, I sent a picture message to my darling hubby at work.

The only thing I included with the photo was, "eeeee!!"

I didn't need to say more. He knows my love of all things, well, old.

Three different times, I went back to that little shop and looked at the seat. It was so... perfect. Weathered and aged, but obviously loved, and still in great shape.

When we wandered into the same shop last weekend, Ryan told me he wanted to buy it for me.

...and are you ready for this?

We left without the little turquoise cutie and I thought about it all night long. Seriously people--these are the things I think about when I'm laying in bed and can't sleep. Highchairs. From the 1950's.

So I confessed to Ryan the next morning that I had made a terrible mistake, and because he's such an awesome dude, he told me to head right back down to the shop and pick it up.

And I did.

And we're in love.


Nanny Dee said...

What a beautiful find! I'm glad you went back to get it, because regret would have haunted you!

I still can remember every love-at first-sight items that I let get away years ago!

Dee :D

Maggie said...

we have an old high chair too- ours is wood. i love old things too!

Chelsi said...

I have the highchair I used, my mom used... and probably my aunts and uncle used since my mom was the oldest. I love it! It's wooden though, not blue!

erin said...

I love that chair! so glad you went back for it! great find!

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