Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Google...

Dear Google,

I realize that you attempt, with your ad placement, to target the appropriate audience in order to gain a higher traffic volume. Believe me--I understand.

Your target, though? It appears as though it is a bit... off.

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Might I suggest, in the future, that you attempt to avoid advertisements featuring my least favorite University, um, ever?

I appreciate your cooperation in this matter as I strive to maintain a Husky-free lifestyle, because, well, in this house? We bleed Crimson.

Thank You.

Peanut's Mama

P.S., Go Cougs!


Sara said...

oh my goodness! wsu needs to get on the ball and get on there as well. GO COUGS!

Doc said...

That's hot Chrissy. I'm way impressed.

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