Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cheerios: Revisited

I edited, I cropped, I deleted, and chose my favorites...

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As much as I'd love to post them all here, I'm more of a one-photo poster, because, well, maybe you don't WANT to see 38 different photos of my little squirt every day!

To see more photos, you can visit my Photostream on Flickr.


Beka's Blog said...

How many teeth does your little one have now? He is so stinking cute!

Christina said...

Two teeth... on the bottom. He's really workin' on something in there though. I think his top two?

...and thanks! :o)

Sarah said...

Can you say Cheerios commercial in the works??

Beka's Blog said...

Landon has his bottom two too. I haven't thought to give him cheerios thinking they would be too hard. Now, I'm gonna give a try. And you are welcome!

Nanny Dee said...

Hi -- just saw your post in the under 100 group on MBC and am following!

You take wonderful photographs (better than amateur as you mention)and you have an adorable subject!


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