Monday, July 20, 2009

Add this to the "huh!" File...

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Ok, so... I don't typically use my blog to call out such discrepancies as this one, but I couldn't help myself this time. Please excuse my momentary lack of discretion.

...and really? if we want to point fingers? It was my darling other half who pointed it out in the first place.

Let's zoom in a bit on the 'Mission' portion of this sign...

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I'm all for supporting women and equality and whatever... but... isn't there a better way than by selling sausages?


Sophia's Mom said...
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Sophia's Mom said...

I am following from MBC!
I love your blog. You are a talented photographer (saw your bump photography post) and your baby is just adorable!

I see you and I share in our dislike for google ads. I would like to invite you on a roadtrip to google headquarters to tp the place and show those nerds we mean business!

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