Thursday, May 28, 2009

Victoria, you have no Secrets...

I went to the bank today.

Fascinating, right? No big deal, you say? huh. That's what you think.

Now might be a good time to let you in on the fact that I also wore a dress today.

Mhmmm... changed your tune, didn't you!

Whatever. Anyway. I hopped out of the car, retrieved Camden's stroller from the back and proceeded to open it up and get him out of the car. As I turned, baby in my arms, toward the empty stroller, a gust of wind came up and swoooosh! there went my skirt.

I refrained from swearing out loud and quickly ducked to the ground to put Camden in his stroller, hoping no one had noticed my lack-luster Marilyn impersonation.

As I buckled the baby, a quick scan of the parking lot did nothing to reassure me. The wink from the guy on the Rascall? oh, that was reassurance all right. Reassurance that exactly what I had hoped hadn't happened, had, most definitely, happened.

Awesome. At least I wasn't wearing a thong, right?

Yea--I'm so glad I bought those Victoria's Secret undies on clearance. The pair with the rhinestones and the words "invite only" stamped on the back.


RaT Babies said...


Rob thinks it is funny as well

indigoghost said...

OMG! I'd be mortified... and people wonder why I don't wear skirts.

Cheryl C said...

Oh wow- that happened to me last week too- I only WISH I was wearing such cool panties! And that I didn't have the butt of a 36year old who has two kids and never works out! ;)
Following you from MBC- great blog! :)

Shara said...

OMG!!! I got some weird looks from coworkers from LOLing. :D That's why I buy skorts when I want to let the girly in me out. He he. At least you made Rascall man's day. ;)

bholtz3 said...

HILARIOUS!!!! I have panties with those silly rhinestones too...hahahaha


Laura said...

Oh no... sorry it had to happen to you, but thanks for sharing! Today's been full of nausea and I needed something to make me laugh :) But yeah, at least you did have something cute on underneath

eve said...

I freaking LOVE you C! This had me OUT LOUD laughing (and cringing) and you get major points for the fancy schmancy panties! :)

Mommynightowl said...

OMG, I'm so so sorry. I almost never wear dresses or skirts and this just made me never ever want to wear them again.

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