Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Rambles...

I always feel as though I've been sucked into some sort of time warp when I'm recovering from the sickies. Anyone else suffer the plight??


...hey guys?? Guys!! You didn't all take off while I was being, um, boring... did you?? I hope not. I hope you'll come back soon, if you did. I promise to try to provide more entertainment.

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My little cutie-kins is on the mend, but still working to get that second bottom tooth pushed through. He's stuffing everything he can into his mouth... including the strings on my sweatshirt.

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...and his Raz-Berry, of course! (Speaking of, mama's with teething babies, you NEED to buy one of these. Trust me. Just go and get one.)

He also gave me a 'fat lip' today when we bonked heads. There was blood. It wasn't pretty. I slapped on a little lip gloss and called it good, though... because really? No one looks at me anymore... they all just look to see who's in that stroller I'm pushing. (You'll understand my omission of a photo concerning the puffiness of my lip, I assume.)

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Also new in the world of Camden... trying to get the ball before the kitty can swat at it.

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...and sitting...

...and you can only see the next photo if you promise not to look at the background. Because it's not pretty. It's quite tacky, really. That's my "stuff I need to deal with" stuff.


Remember--no background.


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...and getting your sucker of a mama to help you stand up and/or kneel in front of various objects... (heaven help me if he decides to start walking early!)

If you haven't already, don't forget to sign up for the BINSI giveaway!! I'll be announcing a winner this Friday...


Laura said...

He is just so stinkin cute! I thought for sure Anthony would start walking early because he did everything else so early, but he didn't, so there is hope for you! I could never understand when people said, "I bet you can't wait for him to start walking." Do they not know how much harder it is when they start walking!?! He walked a couple weeks after he turned 1... plenty early for me!

natsirt said...

Is that an Izod shirt I see? What a stylish baby.

Mommynightowl said...

he is too cute!

I also loved the razz berry paci, got mine at USA Baby.

Another good teething thing is those nets you put frozen fruit in when your baby is first starting solids, you can either do a piece of frozen fruit or a piece of ice. It works wonders.

Oh and teething tablets.

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