Friday, May 22, 2009

A Little Boy & His Daddy

I happen to know a little boy who absolutely adores his daddy. It seems like Camden is always in a great mood when daddy is home, which makes it all the more fun to do things together as a family.

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Camden is already aspiring to be just like dad. Glasses and all.

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Daddy has also been known to let Camden get away with things Mommy might not. Like watching movies online. and eating dill pickles. (who are we kidding? I let him taste all sorts of things he probably 'shouldn't' have...) But this isn't about me.

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No, it's about a little boy and his daddy. His completely enamored, awe-struck, doting, wrapped-around-baby's-little-finger daddy.

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They're cute, aren't they?? Just like two peas in a pod.

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But is it just me? ...or am I outnumbered here?? I can see trouble ahead. You know, when Camden is five? and daddy is, well, daddy? and they want something? I may as well just have 'pushover' tattooed on my forehead.

P.S., I'm in one of these pictures. Can you find me??


Shara said...

I see some Christina toes anyway! :) With the smaller picture it's hard to tell if any more than that is there. Great pictures.

Kelly said...

In Ryan's sunglasses?? I give up!

So cute! The girls have daddy wrapped around his finger as well. Every time he says "mommy...come look" I drop everything and run to see what he has done with the girls this time. No wonder I can't get anything done!

Chelsi said...

In the reflection of the sunglasses...

Kelly said...

I see part of you in the sunglasses. I have two girls right now and I hope our third is a boy so that my husband has a little buddy too

Becca said...

:) Love this.

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