Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's about time...

...for me to get this posted. Here are your suggestions from a few weeks ago regarding the content of my blog, along with my thoughts and feelings about each idea. In italics. Fancy, right?

Recipes. Slow cooker recipes, more specifically. I can do this. When I make dinner in the slow cooker, I'll make it a point to post about it. If you're lucky, I'll post photos!

Try Plinky. I'm all signed up! ...but I always forget it's there...

More pictures of little man. How am I doing? I'm trying!

Post a weekly photo, write a story or title, how the photo makes me feel. Or something like that. Hmm... I like this idea. I need to chew on it some more... and certainly, it might not be a weekly thing. Maybe just... when a photo strikes me in the right way?

How I met Ryan. Our mushy-gushy love story. Ok, I think I can do this. Emphasis on think. I want to write quite a bit of it BEFORE I begin posting though, because I'm just anal retentive like that. So give me a while.

More pictures. This time, modified camera settings and a narration of WHAT is taking place. I'll be honest. This one intimidates me a bit. I secretly have no idea what I'm doing. I just take pictures. BUT! I can try, and I can learn so that you can learn. Deal?

So... my point in posting this? Um. Motivation? Yea--let's call it motivation. I'll start working on that story, and maybe I'll come up with a crockpot recipe before the end of the week.

Maybe. That's if my baby decides to act like himself, and not the sleep-refusing, crabby whiner he was today. Oy.

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