Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did you know...?

...that peas, when consumed by an infant and consequently rubbed into every orifice on the face, will create little green pea-boogers?

...that once a baby learns to roll from his back to his tummy, he forgets how to roll from his tummy to his back? This results in one *very* disgruntled baby when mommy is in the shower and cannot rush over to assist.

...that a teething four-and-a-half month baby is capable of producing more drool than a St. Bernard?

...that baby feet are apparently too chubby for Old Navy baby flip-flops?

...that once you have a baby, your life will never, ever go according to plan? Sure, you'll think you're going to go to Old Navy and return those shoes--and to the GAP to buy replacement shoes, and you'll certainly make it to Home Depot, right? Wrong, girlfriend... so.very.wrong.

What about you? What do you know??


Laura said...

I loved reading this because it truly is amazing the things that you learn in any given day. It made me laugh, not because of how frustrating these things were for you, but because it's really all you can do in response to days, or weeks, like this. I think you should start doing this weekly, and we can all join in. I'm going to post mine for the week, so check it out!

Shara said...

Okay baby flip flops? That's adorable. If you find a pair that fit you MUST post pictures. :) Have I mentioned how educational it is to read your experiences? Someday, I'll be glad I did!

Katy said...

Hilarious! That thing about forgetting to roll from tummy to back is SOOOO true for Lily too! Ah...5 months is a glorious age!

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