Tuesday, April 28, 2009

By the way...

I completely forgot to mention this yesterday in my excitement over our new stroller...

I learned something *fabulous* while making our purchase. Stick with me--I'll explain. All of you mommies are signed up to get Babies'R'Us coupons in the mail, right? In the little book??

We bought the stroller, one of these, and a couple little containers of squash. I had my 20% off any stroller coupon in hand, and the 15% off any one item coupon that comes attached to the front of the book. I figured I'd use it on the teether or whatever, since it will expire before the end of this week.

The cashier rang up our items, including the stroller at its original price of $219.99... I handed over my stroller coupon, 20% off, and brought the price down to $175.99, which I was excited enough about! ...then I handed over my 15% off coupon. Imagine my surprise when it worked toward the stroller too! Yippeeee! We paid $149.59 (plus tax) for our new stroller!!

So, STACK your BRU coupons, mamas!!

This would work really well toward diapers, by the way... there is always a diaper coupon or two in the mailers, so combine that with the 15% off card on the front AND a manufacturer's coupon... not bad!!

...and yes, I really do get this excited over coupons. Ask Ryan.


Beka's Blog said...

You find the neatest things! I want the raspberry teethers for Landon now!

Christina said...

I very, very, VERY highly recommend that teether!!

Camden hasn't even 'owned' his for 24 hours, and his face LIGHTS UP when I hold it out for him.

He has already learned how to get it into his mouth (he struggles with that with a normal paci), and I can see him rubbing it against his gums and nomin' on it.

The whole thing is made of soft, squishy silicone, so they can chew on any part of it... not just the 'berry' looking part...

I could go on and on! ha!

Shara said...

Who wouldn't get excited about savings like that?! Way to go!!

Beka's Blog said...

Did you get the teether at BRU??? I see on the link for the teether that they are out of stock. :(

Tracy said...

Me too! Me too!
I have that same Maclaren and was pleasantly surprised when I could use my $ off Stroller + 15% off BRU coupon. They guy at the register pretty much suggested it :-).
I'm a bit bummed about the no cup holder thing as well, I'm saving up for the little neoprene type attachment for the back...have you seen it? I think it's about 20 bucks.

Love those Camden pics...keep em coming!

Christina said...

Beka--they sell 'em at BRU, yes... if you google the name, you'll come up with several places to buy. Amazon has them as well.

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