Sunday, March 15, 2009

See y'all Wednesday!

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Our bags are packed, waiting at the door,
They're heaped in a pile, there on the floor.

It's off to the ocean we go,
My trusty crock pot in tow.

We'll rest in our condo, games we will play,
Books will be read, and we'll nap through the day.

Camden's first trip to the ocean,
It's sure to cause a camera commotion.

Never you worry,
We'll be back in a hurry!

See ya Wednesday!!
(I'm so creative it kills me. and I said y'all again.)


The Naipo's (Jennifer, Noah, and Kealani) said...

fun! i cannot wait to see pics.

indigoghost said...

Hey! Have fun on your vacation!! Can't wait to see pics of Camden. :D

Thanks to you, I'm totally addicted to giveaways (I actually won one!)... and I found a giveaway you might wanna enter, if you haven't already... 3 fuzzibunz diapers! It runs through 3/26.. it's got all the usual ways to enter, like comment and blog... AND you can enter daily! Just pick a different color each day. :D

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