Monday, March 9, 2009

Meal Planning...

I've decided to put a little, um, twist? ...on my meal planning for Tuesday through Saturday (Ryan's work week). I'm going to make every dinner in the slow cooker. I've used my new crock more and more in the last couple of weeks, and it's been *so* nice to have everything done ahead of time. Between getting Camden to bed early and Ryan getting home late, timing isn't so crucial when dinner has been cooking all day.

So here we go... my first meal plan. (and by first, I mean the first time I'm going to attempt putting a time and a place on each meal, instead of just haphazardly buying ingredients for a few meals I might have time to throw together...)

Tuesday: Jambalaya (This is a recipe from my slow cooker book. I'll post it tomorrow, hopefully with photos.) UPDATE: recipe posted!

Wednesday: Lemon and Herb Roasted Chicken, veggies from the freezer, fresh potato bread from the bread machine.

Thursday: Pulled Pork (a big chunk of pork and a can of soda... seriously, that's all. a trained monkey could make this.) sandwiches, salad.

Friday: Brown Sugar Chicken, rice and salad.

Saturday: Corned beef (wait until Ryan reads this! He'll be elated. overjoyed. thrilled. pleased as punch.) with potatoes, carrots and cabbage.

Oh--and speaking Ryan. He's also going to be thrilled at the presentation of his menu for the week. We play this little game, you see, (ok, I play a game. he's an unwilling participant.) where I cook dinner and he doesn't get to find out what it us until he gets home. Every night, when he calls to say he's coming home, he asks what is for dinner. I never tell him. So, given that it's all written here for the world to see, he's going to KNOW what he's having for dinner. I wonder how he'll feel about this??


Shara said...

Wow that sounds like mom. If she invites me for dinner and I ask what she's making she gets all "offended" like I won't come if she's making something weird. :) Good luck and post some recipes!!

mr. weedon said...

So who else thinks that meal planning *and posting* should become a weekly update... it would be kind of cool to know what is being consumed *other than breast milk* at the Weedon household am I wrong?....

Jess and Eli said...

You motivate me! Maybe I'll get back to my meal planning I used to do when we were doing the South that WAS a long time ago!!!

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