Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've been popped! (?)

Veronnica sent me a Blog Pop. What is a blog pop, you ask?? Oh, ya know... that little thing over there to the right. See it?? It's pretty, and pink! and girlie! Anyway, it means she loves my blog... and that makes my heart happy. Because when y'all are happy, I'm happy. I just said y'all. I've got to stop reading Pioneer Woman for so many hours a day...

So I want to get in on this Blog Poppin' action, and you should too. There are prizes to be won! Go here, or here to play along, because we both know you want to... right? right? right.

I hear you out there... you're saying "So... wait, what are these prizes you're talking about??"

Oh, you know, maybe cool diaper bag or a personalized baby blanket... or other *stuff* you simply cannot live without.

So go and check it out... and start poppin'!

1 comment:

indigoghost said...

Hehe... you said "y'all"
That's ok.. you did live in TN for a year, after all. :P
BTW I made it here ok and stuff, obviously :D

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