Monday, March 23, 2009


I'll bet you clicked on that post faster than Lightning McQueen, thinking maybe my confession was about the rightful owner of those pregnancy tests, didn't you?? C'mon--fess up. I know at least one of you took the bait...

Anyway, remember how I wasn't supposed to buy any fabric? Well. I bought fabric.

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Will you laugh at me if I tell you I think I'm in love?? I think I'm in love.

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The gray fabric with the blue flowers, top of the pile in this photo, really catches my eye... but I think I like the pink prints the best... more specifically, the one on the left.

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Which one is your favorite??


Shara said...

Good finds, but it would totally depend on what they were for. What are you planning on making??? I have a sewing project I bought fabric for...oh, almost a year ago. I should get on that. Nevermind the fact that I suck with a sewing machine. I had planned on going to grandma's to enlist her help. :)

Miss V said...

I'm a big fan of blue and brown. So I think I like the top one in the second picture (the one at the bottom of the stack but top of the picture). Whatcha goin' to make?

Chelsi said...

So I'm wondering if you'll be so kind to ... quilt/sew/make some special things for your *someday niece...* ok, I admit... *someday nephew* Because I'm definitely not cool enough to use fun fabrics in fun ways! My favorite is definitely the green & white print... but the pink & white is a close second I suppose!

Sara said...

green with vintage stuff! so cute!

indigoghost said...

I like the same one as Miss V up there! I'm a sucker for blue+brown stuff!! You should see my wardrobe... all blue and brown lol

I hate pink... Too bad they don't make girly baby things in blue and brown!

Soooo... What are you making?

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